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Abstract Art - a product of the untalented, sold by the unprincipled to the utterly bewildered.

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Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Photo - Advert for Model Maker post at Blackpool Pleasure BeachModel Maker / Artist, Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Mar '03 - May '05

This was my first full-time art based job after leaving University where I worked on a wide variety of projects.

I designed and created sculptures for rides on the Beaver Creek Kids Park such as a Bradley Beaver model for the monorail and a Bradley Beaver wing-walker model for the kids helicopter ride. I also created displays in other rides such as the Ghost Train, the Alice in Wonderland ride, the River Caves ride and the Pleasure Beach Express.

My work involved using a wide variety of materials including 2 part foam, fibreglass, wood, fabric, rubber, latex, wax and a range of paints.

I also decorated shops and restaurants within the park with murals and sculptures. These paintings and sculptures were mostly designed by myself, working within design briefs.

Although I enjoyed my work at the Pleasure Beach, I left in 2005 to work at Blackpool Illuminations doing similar work for more money.

View dozens of examples of my work in the Blackpool Pleasure Beach Gallery within the Galleries of Work section.

If you fancy a great day out for all the family, visit the Blackpool Pleasure Beach website at: